All The Way To The North

Our Guiding Principle and What It Means to be a vRCAF Aviator

About Us

The vRCAF is a virtual military operator based on the day-to-day functions of the Canadian Air Force. We pride ourselves in upholding a thorough and realistic version of RCAF operations. This organization is staffed by longtime virtual special operations members and aims to push the niche world of military flying forward.
You have likely seen our motto Omnis Viam Aquilonis around our website and our marketing materials. In English, the phrase translates to “All The Way To The North.” This motto describes our honor to protect the skies of the North. We operate in all corners of the world, but our home is in the great white north!


Training is a critical part of our organization and is one of the requirements set by VATSIM to apply for/maintain special operations status. Our pilots are initially separated into tracks based on their chosen primary airframe. This track dictates how their training will flow. This initial training is rigorous, but should only take around 10 hours, no matter the airframe. This initial training will prepare you for the tasks assigned during operations and is greatly rewarding.

Once initial training is completed, pilots begin their time as active duty, mission-ready officers in the vRCAF. Pilots can expect to fly around Canada for events and exercises, but also around the globe as our partners, and our scope is truly worldwide.

Our Mission

For pilots who have been around the special operations community, this rundown likely sounds familiar to other operations around the virtual world. Our goal with the vRCAF is to push this interest forward. Our primary mission is to build a community. Military aviation does not happen alone in the real world, nor should it in the virtual world. The vRCAF will be organizing regular internal training/operation days where all available can fly together, utilizing their specific airframe to work towards a common goal. Hornet pilots will be utilizing Polaris and Hercules tankers for fuel, while transport pilots may be moving equipment, troops or other personnel to the site. Long story short, we want this organization to be one cohesive team. Everyone’s work contributes to our success.